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Meet the vendor: Hedgewood Farms

Meet the vendor: Hedgewood Farms
Posted on 06/01/2020
Marla Biggs and granddaughter Sophie of Hedgewood FarmsThe Lenexa Farmers Market is delighted to welcome Hedgewood Farms as a new vendor in 2020. This family farm offers chicken, pork, turkey, eggs, 100% grass-fed beef and produce grown using organic practices. Founders Marla and Brian Biggs are passionate about providing food that sustains the land and feeds families in the healthiest way possible.

Marla and Brian both had careers other than farming. But they had a deep desire to produce food a certain way. Twenty years ago, they found the right piece of property in Paola, Kansas, and Hedgewood Farms was born. Today, they operate a bustling farm focused on sustainable agriculture, organic farming practices and healthy living, with the help of staff member Jordan and son-in-law Adam. 

Hedgewood Farms raises a heritage breed of Scottish Highland cattle with a distinctive look. These beef cattle are natural grass grazers. Their small frames are more efficient at turning grass to meat and produce great-tasting beef. They have a beautiful coat of hair that grows long, keeping them warm in the winter months.

Marla and Brian use management-intensive rotational grazing to benefit both the cattle and land. It means that the animals are allowed to graze on only a small portion of the pasture while other paddocks are rested and allowed to recover.

The team at Hedgewood Farms also raises broiler chickens, pork and turkey using the same healthy farming practices, including being pasture raised with organic grains. While pork quantities will be limited in the early months of the market, they plan to raise more hogs this year. They also have ground turkey as well as packages of breasts, wings and legs. 

Stop by the Hedgewood Farms vendor booth on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Marla and granddaughter Sophie would love to help you choose the perfect product. You can also preorder and pay online for easy pickup at the Market.