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Staying fit and healthy during a pandemic

Staying fit and healthy during a pandemic
Posted on 11/06/2020

There is a lot to juggle during the COVID-19 pandemic, and staying active may be a real struggle to squeeze into daily life. But it’s more important than ever for our physical and mental health.
Exercising regularly, eating right and getting enough sleep all strengthen our immune systems and help fight off infection.

Many people in our community rely on Lenexa Parks & Recreation’s fitness amenities and recreation programs for health and social benefits.

“I really enjoy working out and taking care of myself,” said Eric Kesselring. “I think it pays dividends in every area of life. I don’t know what I’d do without it.”

Darcie Bertholf depends on the Rec Center to maintain her well-being. “I come to the gym because it’s great for my mind and body, and it’s my release during my day so I don’t get so frustrated with my children.”

Returning to the gym

Since June, the Lenexa Rec Center and Community Center have been open to the public and available for those who are ready to get moving again.

We’ve made many changes to how we operate facilities to minimize COVID-19 exposure for patrons and staff. Safety measures currently in place at the Rec Center include:

  • Nightly operation of an electrostatic sprayer that disinfects the air and other surfaces.
  • Rigorous cleaning schedules for all high-touch surfaces and equipment.
  • Reduced capacity in active use areas, fitness classes and other programs.
  • Physical reconfigurations to allow for social distancing.
  • Face coverings required for both staff and patrons age 6 and up unless you are participating in strenuous activity.
  • Temperature checks for all patrons visiting the member area.

Many people were eager to return to the gym because they missed their routines and the close-knit sense of community at the Rec Center. They appreciate the precautions taken to make them feel safe while they work out or take part in a recreation program.

“Everybody, all the staff are wearing masks and I’m equally impressed with the level of cleanliness, which is really important to me,” said Laura Hickey. “It’s visibly clean, but I also see people cleaning, and that has made me comfortable in continuing to come back.”

Carol Molloy knows it is crucial to keep an optimum fitness level as her body ages. “I’m a senior and so I’m at the highest risk, but I feel totally safe in this facility.”

Taking the workout to you

If you’re still wary of working out at a gym or have underlying medical conditions, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness routine during the pandemic. The Rec Center can bring the gym to you in a variety of ways.

We offer virtual personal training services with certified trainers so you can get a tailored plan, accountability and one-on-one support. We also schedule virtual small group sessions that allow you to train with friends. Plus, members and nonmembers can register for a monthly Virtual Class Pass to take Group X fitness classes without having to set foot in the gym. Learn more about these options at

Lenexa Parks & Recreation is here to support your wellness journey, wherever you are.

Published November 6, 2020