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Lenexa City Council

City Council Members sitting

Lenexa City Council Members, left to right: Mandy Stuke, Joe Karlin, Thomas Nolte, Corey Hunt, Mayor Michael Boehm, Bill Nicks, Julie Sayers, Dan Roh and Courtney Eiterich.

The Lenexa City Council is the legislative branch of the city government, responsible for making policy decisions and passing ordinances concerning the conduct and affairs of the city. Eight council members are elected from four wards (two per ward), in non-partisan elections, for four-year staggered terms. The Mayor, who provides leadership on all policy deliberations that come before the City Council, is elected at large for a four-year term. When vacancies occur between elections, an appointment to fill a vacancy is made by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council. Regular city elections are held every two years in the fall.

City Council
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17101 W. 87th St. Pkwy., Lenexa, KS 66219

Governing Body Guiding Principles

The Mayor and City Council members commit to responsible governance and pledge that local decisions will be made in a transparent, thoughtful, and inclusive manner. They strive to do the right things for the right reasons guided by these core principles. 

  • Superior Quality Services: Ensure that services are provided efficiently and effectively in ways that create a safe, clean, and attractive community for residents, businesses, and visitors.

  • Prudent Financial Management: Provide exceptional value in public investments by committing to structural fiscal balance in operational and capital activities while upholding transparent finance and budgeting processes.

  • Strategic Community Investment: Purposefully invest in high-quality infrastructure, facilities, programs, and initiatives across all areas of the community.

  • Extraordinary Community Pride: Celebrate Lenexa’s history and reputation as a visionary community and use that heritage to instill future generations with the pride that is reflected in the city’s public places, plans, programs, and people.

  • Inclusive Community Building: Enthusiastically engage the public in community initiatives and visioning, including intentionally seeking input and ideas from a diverse assembly of stakeholders.

  • Responsible Economic Development: Fortify the city’s economic base by encouraging high-quality private development as well as fostering economic opportunity through thoughtful planning processes and the judicious use of economic development investment programs.

  • Sustainable Policies and Practices: Lead by example in implementing sustainable and resilient practices where financially and operationally practical as well as enact community-wide policies and strategies that motivate both residents and businesses to do so when reasonable.

  • Values-based Organizational Culture: Create an organization that reflects the community’s diversity and fosters a superior culture by employing, supporting, and rewarding professionals who make decisions with integrity, deliver results through teamwork, provide exceptional service, lead into the future with vision, are dedicated to excellence, and who truly care about Lenexa.

Mayor and Council

Feel free to contact the Mayor and City Council members individually by phone or email. If you don’t receive a reply to your email within a couple of days, please follow up by phone, because occasionally e-mail messages are caught in spam filters.

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Mayor Michael Boehm

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