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Second Floor Gym

The second floor gym is open for use by all members and day pass users. To check out basketballs or volleyballs, please see a gym attendant or the welcome desk on the first floor. 

The north half of the gym is reserved for open play basketball. The south half rotates between volleyball, basketball and pickleball on a specified schedule. 

Gym Schedule - July

Gym rules

  1. The second floor gym is reserved for basketball, volleyball and pickleball only. 

  2. You may bring a sealed drink container in the gym, but all other food and drinks are prohibited. 

  3. We require shirts and athletic, non-marking, closed-toe shoes to be worn at all times. 

  4. Please store your personal belongings in the lockers provided outside the gym. We are not responsible for lost property. 

  5. We do not allow coaching or instruction, unless it is previously approved by the building management. 

  6. Please do not dunk balls or hang on the rims. (We will only lower basketball goals for children when an adult or guardian is present)

  7. Your behavior and language must be appropriate for a family setting. 

  8. Please report any profanity, fighting, spitting, gambling, horseplay or destruction of property to a staff member. These actions will not be tolerated, and we will discipline the offending people. (This could include asking you to leave the premises, contacting the police, suspending your privilege to use the gym, or informing parents.) 

  9. We only allow full-court play during designated times. 

  10. We reserve the right to modify rules as situations dictate, close the gym due to scheduled programs or events, or ask anyone to leave the premises.

  11. You assume all risks associated with the use of our facility. Use may result in injury, and the facility may not be appropriate for all children. 

  12. Open gym is not supervised by staff. You must sign a release from liability waiver  in order to participate. 

  13. If an accident or injury occurs, or if you notice unsafe conditions, please notify a staff member.