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Security Measure

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a group of neighbors who look out for each other’s family and property, and you can form one in your area. Benefits include:

  • Providing an increased sense of safety and security

  • Alerting police to suspicious activity or crime in progress

  • Making your community a safer and better place to live

How to start a Neighborhood Watch

  1. Organize a meeting for your neighborhood to discuss crime and other areas of concern in your area. Don’t forget to invite one of our officers to answer questions.

  2. Select a coordinator or block captains to serve as a liaison between your neighborhood and us and to inform everyone of criminal activity in the area.

  3. Ensure at least 60 percent of your neighborhood is a member of your Neighborhood Watch.

Keep up with Neighborhood Watch

Once you’ve formed your Neighborhood Watch, consider doing the following:

  • Prepare and distribute maps showing the names, addresses and phone numbers of participating homes. Make sure your coordinators/block captains update this information as people move.

  • Keep up on crime trends through our community crime map.

  • Hold regular meetings to provide everyone with timely and accurate information.

  • Share information with nearby neighborhoods and organizations.