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Vision 2040 Survey #1: Looking at the data

Vision 2040 Survey #1: Looking at the data
Posted on 07/20/2018
Woman holding a sign

We recently completed the first community survey in our Vision 2040 process, and we were blown away by the participation and feedback! We received 1,222 survey responses from Lenexa residents and people who work in Lenexa.

If you didn’t get a chance to take the first survey, there’s still opportunity for you to give your input. A second survey is open until Aug. 15.

Take Survey #2

In the first survey, we asked four questions, hoping to get a better understanding of what you want to see Lenexa look like in 2040. For each question, we asked you to select the top three items under each question that best fit your beliefs. In the graphs below, you will see the top three answers highlighted in yellow, with the remaining answers in white.

Question 1: In 2040, I’d Like Lenexa to have NEIGHBORHOODS that…

  • Are walkable: 75%

  • Have tree-lined streets: 46%

  • Are near places people want to go: 45%

  • Have attractive landscaping: 38%

  • Are bikeable: 32%

  • Are designed so people drive slowly and safely: 32%

  • Provide adequate parking/off-street parking: 21%

  • Other: 12%

Question 2: In 2040, I’d like Lenexa to have NON-RESIDENTIAL AREAS that include…

  • Restaurants and entertainment areas: 86%

  • Mixed-use development: 54.79%

  • Destination retail: 50%

  • Shared/collaborative workspaces: 25%

  • Office parks: 16%

  • Showroom-style retail: 15%

  • Other: 14%

  • Industrial/light manufacturing: 9%

  • Distribution/logistics centers: 6%

  • High-rise buildings: 4%

Question 3: In 2040, I’d like Lenexa to have FACILITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE that include…

  • Greenways and trails: 57%

  • Parks, playgrounds and swimming pools: 52%

  • Outdoor spaces: 34%

  • Streets that accommodate bikes, transit, cars and pedestrians: 29%

  • A transit system that connects to other areas of the region: 27%

  • Community and recreation center: 26%

  • Systems that enable those who don’t drive to get where they need to go: 25%

  • A connected sidewalk network: 22%

  • Welcoming corridors and entrances into Lenexa: 15%

  • Public art: 11%

  • Accommodations for driverless cars: 7%

  • Other: 4%

Question 4: In 2040, I’d like Lenexa to have HOUSING that…

  • Attracts families: 87%

  • Accommodates older residents who want to stay in their homes: 65%

  • Attracts young professionals: 53%

  • Attracts executives and small business owners: 43%

  • Includes elderly care facilities: 26%

  • Other: 10%

Published July 20, 2018
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