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Run for election in Lenexa

Local Lenexa elections happen every two years in the fall of odd-numbered years, when one council member from each ward is elected; the Mayor is elected every four years. In order to be eligible for election, you must be a registered voter, a current resident of the ward you are running for, and if you own property, your real estate taxes must be currently paid.

Find your ward

If you would like to run for office in Lenexa, you must file with the Johnson County Election Office. City Council candidates in Lenexa can file for office in one of two ways:

1. Pay a Filing Fee of $20 plus a $50 Report Fee (applicable to Cities of the First Class).


2. Present a nomination petition with fifty (50) or equal to one percent (1%) of the ballots cast in the council district (in Lenexa, a “ward”) in the last general City election, whichever is less. The number of qualified electors that must sign a nomination petition for Mayoral candidate shall be fifty (50) or equal to one percent (1%) of the ballots cast in the last general City election, whichever is less.

For the 2021 Election, the number of signatures for each ward are:

  • Ward 1 — 17
  • Ward 2 — 13
  • Ward 3 — 19
  • Ward 4 — 17


Register to Vote

You can register to vote one of several ways:

In order to register to vote, you must be a legal citizen of the United States and 18 or older before the next election. You must also provide proof that you are a U.S. citizen if it is your first time registering to vote in Kansas.

Proof of citizenship requirements

You must register at least 21 days before election day.

A new registration form is required if you are changing your name, address or political party affiliation.

Vote in an election

If you are a registered voter, you can vote in any local, state or national election.

The Johnson County Election Office provides a variety of resources for voters: