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‘Walk your wheels’ encourages bicyclist, pedestrian safety on new civic campus

‘Walk your wheels’ encourages bicyclist, pedestrian safety on new civic campus
Posted on 09/12/2017
bicycles parked on Lower Commons patio outside of Lenexa Public MarketYou may have heard that a new rule was established regulating bicycles in Lenexa. There seems to be some confusion about this issue, and we wanted to share the facts about the new regulation.

The Lenexa City Council passed Ordinance 5609 on Aug. 15. The new ordinance prohibits the use of bicycles, skateboards, roller blades and similar devices within the city’s new civic campus. Specifically, the regulations apply to the outdoor pedestrian area between Lenexa City Hall and the Lenexa Rec Center and the new parking garage. Bicycles and skateboards are still allowed in other areas of Lenexa City Center (the 200-acre development around 87th and Renner Boulevard), including the sidewalks surrounding the civic campus.

Why is such a rule necessary? First and foremost, safety. A number of young riders were using elevators to take bikes to the top floor of the new garage and race down the five stories at high speeds. Worried for their safety, employees approached the bicyclists and asked them to stop this dangerous activity. Unfortunately, the behavior didn’t stop. Additionally, skateboarders were using the benches and outdoor stage on the civic campus as ramps, causing permanent damage. 

We are excited that so many people of all ages are coming to Lenexa’s new civic campus to visit the Public Market and Rec Center and attend outdoor concerts and events. The increased pedestrian activity creates a greater potential for accidental collisions with bicycle and skateboards. The city passed the new regulations to ensure the safety of both bicyclists and pedestrians.

We welcome bicyclists and skateboarders to the area and only ask that they “walk their wheels” through the civic campus. Bike racks are available in multiple locations on the perimeter of the civic campus.