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Rental Property Requirements

We have implemented a residential rental licensing program to help maintain Lenexa’s quality neighborhoods and property values and promote the quality of life that Lenexa residents come to expect.

Rental licenses

If you own residential rental properties in Lenexa, you are required to have a rental license before you allow tenants to live in the home.

  1. Fill out the Rental Licensing Application

  2. Submit the application to City Hall and pay the required rental licensing fee, which differs based on the type and number of properties you own and rent in Lenexa. Call 913.477.7725 for more information.

  3. Once we receive your application, we will conduct an exterior inspection of your property. We will notify you of any code violations we find during the inspection.

  4. Ask your tenants to agree to the optional Crime-Resistant Community Addendum, to help reduce crime in our neighborhoods.

  5. You will need to renew your rental license each year. The licensing period runs from Jan.1 to Dec. 31.

  6. Exterior inspections will be conducted every other year or more often if warranted.  An interior inspection requested by a tenant will only be conducted if written consent is obtained by the occupant, and if they provide adequate proof they have tried to resolve health and safety concerns with the landlord prior.

These requirements do not apply to hotels and motels licensed by the state, convents, monasteries, parish houses or rectories, mosques, temples, synagogues, hospitals, jails, homes owned by housing authorities, or assisted living facilities licensed by the state.

Rental inspections

We conduct an exterior inspection of all residential rental properties every other year, or more often if warranted. Our staff generally does these in the spring. Our inspection checklist includes:

  • Address posted: Single-family, duplexes and townhomes must have house numbers a minimum of 3 inches tall, on a contrasting background. These numbers must be over the garage door or to the side of the garage door and fronting the designated street. Apartments must have 4-inch numbers.

  • Weeds and tall grass: The weeds/grass on your property must be no taller than 8 inches on developed lots, and 12 inches elsewhere.

  • Blight and health hazards: Your property must be free of conditions that constitute health and safety hazards, create a blighting effect or adversely affect neighboring properties.

  • Fences: If walls and fences are present, they must be made of high-quality materials, be maintained in good condition and be compatible with other building materials on your property.

  • Trash and debris: All trash must be stored in a container behind the building line or in the garage.

  • Parking: Parking is not allowed on the grass. You may not block access by other vehicles to the driveways or dedicated parking areas and garages. Oversized vehicles and flatbed trucks are not allowed, except for loading and unloading.

  • Inoperable vehicles: You may store inoperable vehicles only in the garage or other enclosed buildings.

  • Boats, RVs and trailers: You must park your recreational vehicles in your side or rear yard, behind the building line and screened from view. If you need to park it in your driveway, you must first obtain a Temporary Parking Permit.

  • Outdoor storage: The following items may not be stored outside: appliances, furniture, items not manufactured for outdoor use, items in disrepair and accumulations of yard waste.

  • Garages and sheds: They must be maintained, structurally sound and in good repair. This includes being free from missing boards, broken doors and glass or other conditions that would allow animals to seek shelter.

  • Siding and exterior walls: You must maintain all exterior surfaces in good condition. You must repair any peeling, flaking or chipped paint in excess of 25 percent on one side of the home or on any one component (door, garage door, window trim, etc.). Siding and masonry joints should be weather resistant and water tight, and metal surfaces should be coated to prevent rust.

  • Stairs, decks, porches and balconies: All should be maintained structurally sound, in good repair and with proper anchorage and support.

  • Insect screens: From May 1 to Sept. 30, all windows and other outside openings required for ventilation must have approved, tightly fitting screens in good working condition.

  • Foundation: Foundation walls should not have open cracks or breaks and should be kept in good condition to prevent rodents and other pests.

  • Roof, drains and gutters: All should be in good repair and free from obstructions. Roof and flashing should be sound and not admit rain.

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