Snow Removal Plan

Our goal is to have all streets treated and/or plowed within 48 hours of completion of a winter storm, but many factors (including timing, severity and type of storm) can affect our snow response. We appreciate your patience while we complete the plowing process. If after that time you feel your street has been missed, please let us know. 

Report a missed street

Our highest priority is ensuring residents and motorists traveling through Lenexa are safe. But, we understand you also need to travel the roads in a timely manner. To ensure the most number of people are able to utilize the roads, we plow them in priority order. 

  • Arterial and collector roads: Roads such as 87th Street Parkway, Pflumm Road, Prairie Star Parkway and Renner Boulevard are considered arterial roads and receive first priority in plowing. This enables emergency service providers such as fire, ambulance and police safe access. 

  • Residential streets: Neighborhood streets are given second priority in plowing due to the smaller number of vehicles traveling on them. Lenexa crews begin focusing on residential streets after the main roadways are clear. 

Snow Zones 

Map of Snow Zones in lenexa

Please note, the numbering on the map does not correlate with the priority of plowing or salting. Rather, the snow zones are numbered to designate plowing and salting routes that are assigned to trucks. All routes have trucks in them.