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Security Measure

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems provide a critical element of safety in commercial and residential buildings. Sprinklers are designed to detect heat from a fire and automatically activate, providing a flow of water that is intended to slow or extinguish a fire. By the time a sprinkler system detects enough heat to activate, a fire may already be well underway.  

The sprinkler can provide enough early suppression to allow you to safely evacuate the building before the fire spreads or gets worse. In addition, a sprinkler system can reduce the severity of a fire enough to allow firefighters easier and safer access to the affected area. 

Structures in Lenexa must be built to the International Building Code and International Fire Codes, which includes the installation of fire sprinklers in certain locations. Specific guidelines are located within the Lenexa City Code. 

Lenexa City Code Section 4-4-A-12 Automatic Sprinkler Systems