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How to shop a farmers market like a pro

How to shop a farmers market like a pro
Posted on 07/07/2021
shoppers talking with vendor and holding turnips at a farmers market

Make a trip to the Lenexa Farmers Market — or other local farmers markets — part of your weekly routine this summer and fall. Here are 10 tips to help make the most of your next visit:

  1. Get to know what’s in season so you have the right expectations. Check seasonal produce charts or ask staff at the info booth.

  2. Arrive early if you want the best selection and to avoid crowds.

  3. Bring a basket or reusable bags to hold your goods while you shop.

  4. Leave pets at home. This is best for health and safety reasons as well as the comfort of others.

  5. Make a list, but don’t stick to it. Shop based on what looks good and plan your menu around what you find.

  6. Take a preliminary lap around the market to see what’s available and check pricing before making your purchases.

  7. Don’t hurry. Farmers markets are for strolling.

  8. Get to know the vendors. Ask about their farming practices or how they make their products.

  9. Payment methods vary. All vendors accept cash (small bills are best), but many also accept debit/credit cards or other digital payment methods. Some markets offer tokens that vendors will honor.

  10. Try something new each time you visit. Ask a vendor for suggestions about how to use a product. Set aside part of your budget for unexpected finds.

Published July 7, 2021