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2020 in Review: Strategic reinvestment

2020 in Review: Maintaining a high-quality city through strategic reinvestment
Posted on 01/12/2021
Keeping our existing assets in top shape and adapting them to current needs helps Lenexa maintain a high-quality, thriving community. Reinvestment projects in 2020 included work on stormwater, park, highway, bridge and local street infrastructure. 

Proactive pipe replacement prevents flooding and costly repairs in neighborhoods

Lenexa has more than 60 miles of corrugated metal pipe for stormwater infrastructure. It’s susceptible to corrosion, which causes sinkholes and flooding. The Stormwater Infrastructure Replacement Program proactively replaces the aging network in priority areas each year.

Improvements were completed in The Cedars and Lakeview (87th Street Parkway to Santa Fe Trail Drive from Pflumm Road to Little Mill Creek) neighborhoods that will prevent future drainage issues and emergency repairs. New work also started in Ashley Park.

Sometimes, these pipes fail before they can be replaced. This happened at two locations on 95th Street — Dice Lane and Haskins Street — where pipe failures required emergency repairs.

Prep work begins on major improvements at 87th Street Parkway and I-435

Utility work around 87th Street Parkway and I-435 is preparing the interchange for extensive improvements to add capacity. Additional through lanes and turn lanes will be added to the I-435 exit ramps and to 87th Street Parkway from Renner Boulevard to Maurer Road. The traffic signals at 87th Street Parkway and the I-435 ramp terminal intersections will be replaced, and 10-foot-wide multiuse trails will be added on both sides of the road. Construction is expected to start in spring.

Park projects keep outdoor space safe and beautiful

With no major festivals to prepare for, Parks staff could devote extra time to maintenance work. In 2020, Lenexa’s Park Maintenance Division made major landscape improvements to medians and parks, as well as renovated turf and reestablished grass in various locations. We also installed bollard lights to better illuminate the area around Rose’s Pond at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park and the entrance to Bois D’Arc Park.

Abundant upgrades at Santa Fe Trail Drive and 95th Street

Several operational issues needed to be addressed at the intersection of Santa Fe Trail Drive and 95th Street: excessive congestion and delays as the result of heavy turning movements, driveways too close to the intersection and inadequate accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The newly improved intersection now includes right turn lanes for each direction of traffic, an extended eastbound left turn lane, realigned driveways, ADA ramps and accessible pedestrian signals and storm drainage improvements. A new monument sign also marks the entrance to Lenexa’s historic Old Town district.

Keeping our transportation network in good condition

Proactive maintenance was completed on streets and bridges across Lenexa in 2020.

  • Preventive repairs and repainting were completed this year on the Little Mill Creek and Coon Creek bridges on Prairie Star Parkway.
  • The Pavement Management Program resurfaced streets in several neighborhoods, including Four Colonies, Post Oak and Oak Manor, plus sections of College Boulevard and Renner Boulevard.
  • Previously rolled into the Pavement Management Program, Lenexa launched a dedicated program this year to repair sidewalks and address missing gaps for a safer pedestrian system. About 5,100 linear feet of sidewalks were repaired or added in the Century Estates and Falcon Ridge subdivisions.

Published January 12, 2021