Lenexa Trails

The City of Lenexa maintains 26 miles of trails for biking and hiking. Trails are one of our top recreational amenities, and residents are able to enjoy varied scenery through heavily wooded areas, open prairie and along lakes and ponds.

All of the Lenexa trails can be found on the Kansas City Regional Trails and Bikeways Map. This map can show locations, trails, suggested parking and trail connections to the metro.

Since many Lenexa trails are located in isolated or remote areas, our police, fire and parks departments, with help from a local Eagle Scout, developed a trail marking system to make it easier for emergency services to respond more efficiently.

We suggest bringing a cell phone with you while using the trails. If you need emergency assistance, dial 911 and tell the operator the numbers and letters that are posted on the nearest trail safety sign.

Lenexa Parks and Recreation is committed to maintaining current trails and planning strategically for new trails.  As a part of this commitment the Lenexa Trails Alignment Analysis was completed in 2009. This document guides us in the best way to integrate future trails within the city.