Frequently Asked Questions

Sales tax

What is Lenexa’s sales tax rate?

Sales tax is collected on the purchase of taxable goods and services. We have a 1% sales tax to support general operations and a 3/8-cent sales tax for street maintenance, park improvements, recreational facilities, and civic/cultural amenities. The city also receives a portion of selected county sales tax revenues.

The sales tax rate in Lenexa is generally 9.35%, which is made up of several sales taxes from the city, county and state.

State of Kansas tax   6.500%  State = 6.500%
County - General tax   0.500%  County =  1.475%
County - Public safety I tax   0.250%  
County - Stormwater tax  0.100%  
County - Public safety II tax  0.250%  
County - Research triangle tax  0.125%  
 County - Public safety III tax  0.250%  
City of Lenexa - General tax  1.000%  City = 1.375%*
City - Parks, roads and civic
center project tax
 TOTAL  9.350%

*Because Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) have been implemented, the sales tax rate is 1% higher (total 10.35%) in the following locations:

  • Orchard Corners shopping area (southwest corner of 95th Street & Quivira Road)

  • Prairie Creek shopping area (northwest corner of Prairie Star Parkway and Renner Boulevard)

  • Quivira 95 shopping area (northwest corner of 95th Street and Quivira Road)

  • Greystone Plaza CID (located north of 87th Street Parkway and west of Rosehill Road)

  • B.E. Smith office building at City Center East

  • Lenexa City Center East Village 2 (8721 to 8825 Ryckert St.)

Additional information regarding sales tax rates and purchases exempt from sales tax (KSA 79-3606b) can be obtained from the Kansas Department of Revenue or by calling the Taxpayer Assistance Center at 785.368.8222.

What is the 3/8-cent sales tax?

In 2008, residents approved a 3/8-cent sales tax increase to help maintain the city’s roads, improve existing park facilities and provide new recreational opportunities. The sales tax became effective on Oct. 1, 2008, and will expire in 2028.

The sales tax currently generates $6.1 million annually, and is allocated as follows: 40 percent is used to maintain the city’s roads through the Pavement Management Program and 60 percent is used to improve existing park facilities and provide new recreational opportunities including the new Lenexa Rec Center.

What is the city's sales tax exemption number?

Our sales tax exemption number is KSB2C55NQW. If your company requires a certificate on file, please contact Dana Simms by email,, or phone at 913.477.7545 or contact the Finance Department at 913.477.7540.

Please note: K.S.A. 79-3606 (b) statute exempts all sales of tangible personal property and services, including the renting or leasing of tangible personal property, purchased directly by the State of Kansas or a political subdivision thereof, and used exclusively for state or political subdivision purposes.

Can the city provide a tax exempt number or letter to prove their status as a tax-exempt organization?

The IRS does not provide a tax exempt number, however we can use our federal identification number for identification purposes. In addition, we have an IRS tax exempt letter that describes our exemption from federal income tax and the Internal Revenue Code sections that pertain to deductible contributions and income exclusions. For more information, see the IRS explanation of Tax exempt status or contact the Finance Department at 913.477.7540.

Property tax

What is the current mill levy rate?

Your property’s total tax rate, or mill levy, includes levies for the State of Kansas, Johnson County Government, Johnson County Community College, and the respective school district. The mill levy rate is $31.828 per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

This represents around 23% to 26% of the total property tax paid by each property in Lenexa. The percentage of property tax we receive depends on which school district serves your property. About 32% of our projected 2017 revenues will be from property taxes.

The mill levy rates for all taxing entities for the 2017 budget in Lenexa are:

City of Lenexa  31.828
Johnson County  19.590
Johnson County Parks & Recreation    3.102
Johnson County Library    3.915
Johnson County Community College    9.473
State of Kansas    1.500
School Districts  
De Soto  68.864
Olathe  67.774
Shawnee Mission  54.940


How do I calculate my property tax bill?

To calculate your 2017 Lenexa tax bill:

  1. Go to the Johnson County website database and search Land Records.

  2. Multiply the total valuation by 11.5% for residential property or 25% for commercial or industrial property

  3. Multiply that number by the Lenexa mill levy of $31.828 per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

For example, for a home with a total valuation of $274,000, the calculation would be: ($274,000 x .115 x 31.828)/1,000 = $1,002.90 in property taxes.

Please remember, this is the Lenexa portion of your tax bill. It does not include taxes for libraries, school districts and other taxing entities.