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Vision 2040

Thank you to everyone who attended Lenexa VisionFest on Sept. 20! If you weren't able to make it, you can watch the presentation by futurist Stephen Ames below.

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The Vision 2040 process

During the coming months, residents and members of the business community will work together to create Vision 2040, which will provide another vital opportunity to look forward and define the future we want for Lenexa. We invite both residents and others interested in Lenexa’s future to participate in this important process. 

Discovery – Where are we now and are we ready for what is on the horizon? 

Purpose: Establish a baseline of information and materials. Explore what potential trends may impact Lenexa in each focus area and assess readiness

Visioning - Who are we and where do we want to go? 

Purpose: Craft the Vision through participatory engagement.

Scenario Planning & Analysis - What could the future of Lenexa look like? What impacts will scenarios have? 

Purpose: Evaluate alternative scenarios and refine recommendations. Synthesize the work of the Citizen Task Forces into a preferred future vision and cohesive strategy for the future

Crafting Plan - How will we reach our desired future?

Purpose: Craft a document and a video plan that represents the vision with achievable goals, and strategies.


Lenexa has a long history of engaging citizens in processes to create long-term visions for our community. Through the Vision 2020 and Vision 2030 processes, Lenexa residents established big plans for our community. With the foundation laid by Vision 2020 and Vision 2030, we are now embarking on Vision 2040 to shape Lenexa's future for the next 20+ years.

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