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Receive reimbursements for native plants, rain barrels

Receive reimbursements for native plants, rain barrels
Posted on 03/31/2017
Native plants

It’s the perfect time of year to beautify your lawn and help to treat stormwater runoff at a low cost by participating in Lenexa’s Stormwater Cost Share Program.

Through this opportunity, funded in part through a grant from the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program, Lenexa residents can receive 75 percent reimbursement for eligible expenses associated with the installation of gardens or structures that help reduce stormwater pollution.

Projects eligible for reimbursement include:

The maximum reimbursement is $110 for rain barrels and $1,500 for rain gardens, cisterns or native plantings. These funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To apply, complete our online application or download, complete and mail this PDF application.