Pool Rules & Policies

We are committed to providing you with a safe and healthy pool environment. Please help us by observing the following rules and policies.

Weather closing policy

Each of our outdoor pools open at noon each day during the swim season, weather permitting. If inclement weather prevents us from safely opening the pools at noon, we will attempt to open them at 4 p.m. that day. Before you leave home, please call your desired pool to confirm whether it is open for the day.

  • If inclement weather continues to prevent us from safely opening Ad Astra and Flat Rock Creek pools at 4 p.m., they will remain closed for the day.

  • We will continue to try to open Indian Trails Aquatic Center, if possible.

For your safety, we may adjust pool hours for:

  • inclement weather

  • extreme water temperature

  • unsuitable swimming conditions

Registration, cancellation and ADA policies

Before participating in any of our programs, you must sign a release from liability form that is good for one calendar year. You will be notified if a program is cancelled or changed.

If you need to cancel, call at least five business days before the program begins. We will not issue a refund after the activity starts. We will only issue refunds for programs if your cancellation does not affect the minimum number of participants required. There will be a $5 processing fee. We do not issue refunds for daily admission. For memberships, we will issue refunds on a case-by-case basis, and they are subject to additional cancellation fees. Refunds generally take 3-6 weeks.

We are committed to making reasonable accommodations for disabled persons, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Requests for Accommodations must be made at least 10 business days prior to the start of the program or activity. Each facility provides one ADA self-operable chair lift.

Pool Rules

Water Safety

We are committed to providing you a safe and healthy pool environment for your enjoyment. Our highly experienced staff works hard to ensure that the pools are well maintained and that safety standards are met. Without your help, though, even the best maintained pools can spread germs. Here are steps you can take:

  • Don’t swim with diarrhea or if you have had diarrhea within the last two weeks.

  • Don’t swallow pool water.

  • Wash your body before swimming.

  • Take frequent bathroom breaks, check diapers often and change diapers in the restroom.

  • We are working in partnership with the Crypto Task Force and other metro agencies to educate the public about water safety. Learn more at www.cdc.gov/healthywater/swimming.

Staff Training

Throughout the summer, you will see lifeguards training in and out of the water at all three aquatic facilities to maintain "rescue readiness." You will see them practicing skills like CPR, standing up in the lifeguard stands, performing training drills and periodically entering the water.

To help our lifeguard staff in their training, here are a few things you can do:

  • Be aware that we use training devices such as mannequins and silhouette outlines in and out of the water. If you see one of these devices, please leave it where it is. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please tell the closest lifeguard.

  • We use whistles for many reasons, and you will be able to hear different patterns in the whistles. Lifeguards use this to communicate with each other and with you. If you hear a whistle, stop what you are doing and look at the closest lifeguard for instructions.

  • As a part of their training curriculum, our lifeguards practice their skills during open swim. This may include closing a small portion of the pool for a short time and practicing using equipment like the immobilization backboard. If you see this, please be courteous and allow the lifeguards to complete their training.

  • Our lifeguards train hard and train often. Thank them for their service!

General Pool Rules

  • If you are entering the water, you must be properly attired in a bathing suit. Street clothes, cutoffs, aqua socks or colored t-shirts are not permitted in the pool. You may wear a white t-shirt over your swimsuit while in the water. If your child is wearing a swim diaper, they must wear a bathing suit over it.

  • If your child is not potty-trained, they are required to wear swim diapers, which are for sale at all pools. Swim diapers help ensure the pool water stays clean and clear, and prevents pool closings due to contamination.

  • You must change your child’s diapers in the designated areas in the changing rooms.

  • You are encouraged to shower before entering the pool to maintain clean water.

  • You may not bring food or drinks on the pool deck.

  • U.S. Coast Guard-approved flotation devices are permitted; an adult must stay within one arm's length. You may not use flotation devices on slides, diving boards or rock walls.

  • Children 8 years and younger must be accompanied by someone 14 years of age or older.

  • You can bring pool toys in the zero-depth area. Exceptions include torpedoes, hard diving sticks, beach balls, rafts, noodles, etc.

  • You must be at least 42 inches tall to use the water slides.

  • If you have open wounds, diarrhea, infection, or any communicable disease, you are not allowed in the water area.

  • We only accept cash and credit card.

  • Everyone entering the aquatic facility must pay the applicable fee. Season pass holders must scan their photo membership tag to enter.

  • We do not allow admittance to anyone under the influence of controlled substances, including drugs and alcohol, and/or who demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to the operations of the facility and the safety of others.

  • The pool may be closed due to inclement weather, scheduled swim meets, special events, or our staff’s discretion.

  • To prevent overcrowding, we may limit the number of swimmers.

  • You may not bring glass containers into our pool facilities.

  • You may not smoke or use tobacco at our pool facilities, including vapor and e-cigarettes.

  • Please use courteous language. Abusive and profane language is prohibited.

  • Please do not talk to the lifeguards unless it is necessary.

  • Do not run, push, dunk, play rough, intentionally splash or engage in other personal conduct that is considered unsafe.

  • Do not climb or hang on the equipment.

  • We only allow feet-first entries from the side of the pool. Please do not perform cannon balls, diving, flips or other unsafe entries.

  • Do not swim or hang on ropes.

  • During safety swim times, children must be in direct contact with an adult.

  • You are swimming at your own risk.

  • We are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings.

  • We do not allow cameras and recording devices in the restrooms or changing areas. In the pool area, only take pictures of people in your party. We have the right to deny the use of recording devices.

  • Additional rules are posted throughout the facility. Our staff can change, modify or add rules as deemed necessary for safety.

Diving Board Rules

  • The diving boards are for experienced swimmers only.

  • Only one swimmer at a time on the diving board. You must wait on the ground until the person in front of you is in the water.

  • Only one swimmer at a time in the water. Once the person in front of you has exited the water, then you may proceed.

  • Do not swing on the rails.

  • You are allowed one approach and once bounce per dive. Please walk to the end of the board.

  • Dive straight forward. You must perform safe jumps and dives off of the diving boards.

  • Exit the pool using the ladder at the side of the pool.

  • You are only allowed in the diving well when you are using the diving boards.

  • You may not use floatation devices, toys or goggles on the diving board or in the diving well.

AquaClimb Rules

  • The AquaClimb is for experienced swimmers only.

  • You must enter the pool from the side of the aqua climb and wait to enter the water until the previous person has exited the water.

  • Only one swimmer at a time on the AquaClimb and in the drop zone.

  • You will be given a limited amount of time to use the AquaClimb.

  • Do not dive off the AquaClimb. Only enter the water feet first.

  • Exit the pool using the ladder at the side of the pool.

  • You may not use floatation devices, toys or goggles on AquaClimb.

Water Slide Rules

  • The water slides are for experienced swimmers only.

  • Only one rider at a time on the slides.

  • Only one rider at a time in the catch pool.

  • In order to use the water slides, you must be able to use the slide without assistance and be at least 42 inches tall.

  • There is a 300-pound weight limit.

  • While using the water slide, you may not have swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets or metal ornamentations.

  • The lifeguard will issue the signal when you can start your ride.

  • You must ride feet first, sitting or lying on your back.

  • Do not run, dive, stand, kneel, rotate or stop on the slide. Keep your arms and legs inside the slide at all times.

  • You must exit the splash pool immediately.

  • If you are pregnant, have heart conditions or back trouble, you should not ride the slide.

  • Flotation devices are not permitted.

  • You may not use floatation devices, toys or goggles on the water slides.

Basketball Rules

  • Do not grasp or hang on the rim.

  • You must remain in the water to participate in basketball.

  • You may not use flotation devices. You must be able to swim and recover by yourself.

  • Do not play rough.

  • You must keep the ball in the basketball area.