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Security Measure

Crime-Resistant Community Partnership

We created the Crime-Resistant Community Partnership (CRCP) to foster a relationship with rental property owners and managers to help reduce and prevent crime in our hotels and apartment communities.

We assign officers to each neighborhood, apartment complex and hotel. They work closely with managers, property owners and residents to implement crime-prevention practices, and they serve as the contact person when problems arise.

Property managers use a supplemental lease addendum specifying that certain criminal acts, if committed on the property, will result in immediate termination of the lease and eviction.

CRCP Officers

  • Program Coordinator – Sgt. Jacy Thompson

  • Police Officer Ben Asplund

  • Police Officer Travis Gardner

  • Police Officer Kaitlyn Williams

  • Police Officer Lane Laffey

  • Police Officer Abigail McNamee

  • Police Officer Chris Cogswell

  • Police Officer Hannah Gaines

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