Sign Permits

You are required to have a sign permit before you construct, erect, alter or relocate all signs - temporary and permanent.

  • In order to be approved, signs must meet our specific criteria. Submit your plans for review by our planners before installing or changing any signs.

  • We issue temporary sign permits in 15-day increments, up to 60 days per calendar year, per tenant per address.

  • Stand-alone buildings with a minimum frontage per code are allowed to have freestanding temporary signs, but tenants in multi-tenant buildings are not. However, property owners can obtain sign permits for temporary, free-standing signs at multi-tenant buildings.

Sign regulations in the Lenexa City Code Article 4-1-E.


Sign fees vary by type and size.

Schedule of Fees

Apply for a sign permit

The contractor licensed to erect your sign or the property owner where the sign is to be located should apply for a permit online. The sign design, plans and specifications must be attached for review and approval.

Apply online